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Web Content Writing

You may have started setting up your own website or you may have hired a developer to do it for you. Either way, there comes a time when you have to add the written content. This is the moment when many website projects stall. 

Does this sound familiar?


  • I opened an account on Wix, but that's as far as I got. There are so many choices! Where do I start?


  • I've been meaning to get around to making a website, but I'm so busy with my business I haven't done it.


  • I start writing my About page and I cringe at selling myself. I wish somebody else could write it for me.


  • My web developer is waiting for my written text, but that blank page makes me feel like I'm back in English class.

  • I hired an SEO writer, but what I got sounds like a robot, not a human.


If you're feeling anything like this, then you need a web content writer. Like building a house, designing a website requires high-quality components all working together, from the wording of headlines and button text to image sizes and mobile optimization. And just like a building contractor, a web content creator has years of education and experience to tap into. Hiring a professional will give you better results and get the job done faster than DIY.


Here at Green Pencil Content, I put a journalism degree, several online marketing courses, and experience creating successful websites to work for you.


When you order a new website, you'll get:


  • A thorough questionnaire followed by an interview to gather and identify key information about your business, including your ideal customer description, website goals, competitors, and more. 


  • Competitor research with a list of items your potential customers see on other related sites that could also be on your site.


  • Simple pleasing Wix web design if you don't already have a developer.


  • Professional persuasive copywriting with attention to SEO while keeping it all human and real. ​

Website Content and Design Pricing
Basic One-Pager

When you just want a basic site, this option includes short Home, About, Services, and Contact sections.

$500 content

$150 Wix design

Standard 4-6 Pager

When you want to include more information on separate Home, About, Services, and Contact pages.


$800 - $1200 content

$400 Wix design

Additional Pages

When you need a larger website, you can add pages to the Standard option.


per page

$200 content

$100 Wix design

*domain and Wix fees priced separately, usually $150 - $260 per year

Next Steps

When you've decided which package you'd like or even if you're not sure and want to discuss it, call or email me.


I'll send you the contract detailing what we've agreed to and the timeline for delivery. You'll sign and return it. I'll invoice you for the 50% deposit.


I'll send you my questionnaire and we'll schedule a time for us to talk and clarify your needs.


I'll complete the research and writing and send it to you for review in a Google Doc. You'll be able to make edits if you wish and we'll work together until you're happy with what it says. 


You'll set up your Wix account, if you haven't already, and make me an editor. I'll put the web copy on the site and complete the design. You'll have a chance to ask me to make changes.


After you're completely happy with your new website, I'll send you an invoice for the remaining balance.

Ready for a New Website?
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