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Web Content Consulting

Ideally, your website should be a salesperson that works for you 24/7 without ever needing a break. But what if your current website isn't working as well as you'd like? What if you're not getting the response you expected?


Does this sound familiar?


  • We spend a lot of money on Google Adwords and Facebook ads, which brings in plenty of traffic, but the sales just aren't happening.


  • We invested a lot in a beautiful design full of videos, graphics, and animations, but we aren't seeing many clicks on our sales page.

  • My web designer added wording, but it just doesn't sound like me.


  • Our competitors' websites are ranking higher in search results than ours even though our product is better.


  • I wrote our web copy myself because I know the products really well, but I'm not sure it's connecting with my potential clients.​


If you're feeling the same way, then your website needs some remodeling. Like a house, there are several systems and components at work on a website, from the wording of headlines and buttons to image sizes and mobile optimization. And just like a house inspector, a web content consultant can go through your website with a series of checklists and determine what needs to be fixed and how to fix it.


Here at Green Pencil Content, I offer a 40-point usability and content diagnostic review. I go through your website page by page looking for the strengths you already have and opportunities to improve your results. 


When you order a website review, you'll get:


  • A thorough questionnaire to gather and identify key information about your business, including your ideal customer description, website goals, competitors, and more. Often clients find this exercise clarifies not only their website but other aspects of their business as well. 


  • Competitor research with a list of items your potential customers see on other related sites that could also be on your site.


  • A detailed written report of your website's condition, both its strengths and its opportunities for improving results. 


  • A list of recommended items to correct. Many you can accomplish yourself. 


  • A list of copywriting pieces I can write for you with prices for each so you can choose what you'd like to have done and when. 

Website Review Pricing
One Page Review

When you're generally happy with your website, but there's just one product or landing page you'd like to touch up. 


Main Pages Review

When you want to make the most of your Home, About, Services and Contact pages.


Entire Site Review

When you're ready to renovate your whole website.



plus $100 per page after Home, About, Services, and Contact

Next Steps

When you've decided which review you'd like or even if you're not sure and want to discuss it, call or email me.


After you decide what service is right for you, I'll send you the contract detailing what we've agreed to and the timeline for delivery. You'll sign and return it with the 50% deposit.


I'll send you my questionnaire. You'll fill it out and send me an email to let me know it's ready to view. I'll schedule a time for us to talk and clarify your needs. 


I'll complete the review, write the report, and email it to you. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me.


I'll send you an invoice for the remaining balance when I'm sure you're delighted with your report.

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