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Content pieces you may need:

You've probably read blog posts or heard conference speakers talk about how much you need a company blog, email newsletter, and social media. But you may not be clear on exactly what those pieces do to bring in more customers or if your particular business really needs every one of those pieces.


Here's a nutshell explanation of each content piece and what it can do for you.

Web Page Content

Purpose: Build Credibility, First Impression, Quick Solutions

Search engines, ads, social media, or even your business card can lead potential customers to your website.


In an instant, those site visitors will get an impression of the professionalism of your business. So your website needs to be written clearly and correctly.


Web visitors also want to find the answers to their questions quickly. So your site needs to be complete and easy to navigate.


Marketing researchers have found certain best practices that work well for Home, About, Contact, and Service/Product pages. Are you pages following these practices?

Order a website audit, and find out if your website is missing opportunities to put these best practices to work for your business. I will review your website and send you a detailed list of editing suggestions with explanations of what these changes will do to improve your website.


$50 per webpage reviewed


Order new content for web pages, either for a new website or a rewrite of an existing site. I will interview you to learn about your business and customers, research your competitors' sites, discover keywords, and organize and write effective website copy.

$200 per webpage written

Business Blog Posts

Purpose: Appear in Search, Build Credibility, Attract Customers

Blogs and Email Newsletters serve different purposes, but you can repurpose the same content for both.


When people google your business name, they'll find your site easily enough. But if you want new people to discover you, blog posts can help. People go to the internet to find answers to problems or questions. If your blog answers those questions using the same words and phrases they typed, Google's algorithms will match your post to their search. They click on your post and find your site. 


High-quality content works best. Badly written posts may show up in search results, but they will hurt your credibility. If your posts sound friendly and knowledgeable and provide real value, you'll win new customers.


Blogs also give you a place to update your website content. This shows search engines that your site is active and helps you get closer to the first page of results where everyone will see your website. 

Order a blog post package that you can post to your blog, share on your social media accounts, and link to your email newsletter. Evergreen blog posts can live on the internet indefinitely with occasional updates to keep the information current. The length and number of posts would vary by the needs of your business. After discussing your needs, I will research content and keywords, write the posts, and provide a photo to boost social engagement.


$50 - $200 per post

Email Newsletter Content

Purpose: Nurture Customer Relationships, Build Credibility, Make Sales

Social media produces great results at times, but all social platforms use their own algorithms to determine who sees your content. Your email list, on the other hand, is owned by you and you control how often your contacts receive your messages. 


All the marketing research says that email is still the best place online to make sales. According to Hubspot, email generates an average of $38 for every dollar spent.


Many business owners have a misconception that their email newsletter is a newspaper about their business activities. It's not. A properly written email newsletter gives subscribers information they find interesting and can use. 



Order an email newsletter on a monthly basis. Your newsletter will start with a friendly greeting, then introduce your blog posts and provide links to them. This way readers are led back to your website where they can discover even more of what you offer. Using your email newsletter to explain your products and offer special deals will produce leads and sales.


$200 - $500 per month

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