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Web Content Writing

You may have started setting up your own website or you may have hired a developer to do it for you. Either way, there comes a time when you have to add the written content. This is the moment when many website projects stall. 

Does this sound familiar?


  • I opened an account on Wix, but that's as far as I got. There are so many choices! Where do I start?


  • I've been meaning to get around to making a website, but I'm so busy with my business I haven't done it.


  • I start writing my About page and I cringe at selling myself. I wish somebody else could write it for me.


  • My web developer is waiting for my written text, but that blank page makes me feel like I'm back in English class.

  • I hired an SEO writer, but what I got sounds like a robot, not a human.


If you're feeling anything like this, then you need a web content writer. Like building a house, designing a website requires high-quality components all working together, from the wording of headlines and button text to image sizes and mobile optimization. And just like a building contractor, a web content creator has years of education and experience to tap into. Hiring a professional will give you better results and get the job done faster than DIY.


Here at Green Pencil Content, I put a journalism degree, several online marketing courses, and experience creating successful websites to work for you.


When you order new website content, you'll get:


  • A thorough interview to gather and identify key information about your business, including your ideal customer description, website goals, competitors, and more. 

  • Competitor research.​

  • Keyword research.​​

  • Professional persuasive copywriting with attention to SEO while keeping it all human and real. ​

Ready for New Website Content?
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